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Lake House Academy is a therapeutic boarding school designed to meet the needs of young girls ages 9 to 14. It is our belief that each student has gifts and talents waiting to be discovered and developed. With a healthy and home-like environment that balances clinical, academic and residential life, we carefully guide students to uncover their interests, goals and passions that will carry them through their teenage years. Our goal for the future is like that of all parents: to see their daughter develop the skills and abilities that allow her to realize her dreams for the future.

December 7, 2016

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

The holidays are a special time of the year at Lake House Academy where we get to enjoy special meals with one another, decorate our campus, spread holiday cheer, and keep our fingers crossed for enough snow to make a few snowmen and snow angels. It's important for us to make sure our students experience many of the traditions and comforts of home because we know how difficult it can be to be away from home during the holidays. This time of the year is also a great time for personal reflections, even for our staff, and one thing that is important to everyone at Lake House is giving back - and what better time is there to practice this belief than the holidays?

November 24, 2015

I Am Thankful For...

For my family, God and food

For being adopted and loved by my parents

To be able to live and the power to do good things

For my dog, Jackson

To be able to get this help or I would not have had such a good life