Why Choose a Therapeutic Boarding School?

When it comes to your daughter’s mental health, your approach matters. With so many options out there, how do you make the best choice for your family? It starts with knowing that effective therapeutic boarding schools for teen girls provide academic encouragement and emotional support. 

Learn more about therapeutic boarding schools, their unique benefits and how Lake House Academy provides research-based and outcomes-driven therapies to help your teenage daughter. 

What Is a Therapeutic Boarding School? 

Therapeutic boarding schools weave together therapy with academics. Students receive holistic emotional, physical and social support services that encourage setting healthy boundaries while also striving for academic success.

Therapeutic boarding schools should tailor academic lessons and treatment plans for each student. Classes are intentionally designed to be small, and they often include a family-based approach, helping students to adjust to family life after their time at the school.  

The Benefits of Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls

There are several reasons why choosing a therapeutic boarding school is a good option for your daughter:

1. Individualized learning

Therapeutic schools are experts at providing individualized learning plans for students while also creating space for emotional and mental healing. Providing your daughter with an alternative option for academics can help her stick with her education, encourage her to tackle difficult subjects and empower her in a lifelong learning journey. 

2. Specialized experiential therapy

Therapeutic boarding schools provide specialized experiential therapy, a technique that uses expressive activities and tools, such as animal care, arts and crafts, guided imagery, props and more. As the student focuses on the activities, they explore and often release negative feelings associated with past experiences.

At a therapeutic boarding school, experiential treatment can be tailored to each student, encouraging and empowering students to play an active role in their therapy.

3. Compassionate/relational-based professionals

Therapeutic boarding schools offer a range of therapies and therapists who can help your daughter heal. Success is not achieved in a vacuum, and healing cannot be either.

Like Lake House Academy, some therapeutic boarding schools provide a holistic approach to therapy, including Theraplay, canine therapy, equine therapy and other unique forms of treatment that all work together to promote healing.

Healing at Lake House Academy

Lake House Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for teen girls. Our school balances therapy with academic success, providing a comprehensive approach to healing and wellness. Our clinical model includes Theraplay and attachment-focused therapy helping pre-teen and teenage girls with a wide range of mental health concerns, including anxiety, attachment struggles, depression, grief and loss, trauma and more. 

We know that it’s not easy to choose out-of-home care for your daughter. At Lake House Academy, we come alongside your family and partner in care for your daughter’s healing and success.  Let’s talk. Call us today at: 855-654-8178.