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Clinical Expertise

Relational, Experiential and Individualized

The Lake House student has experienced problems with executive functioning delays such as ADHD or LD, anxiety, loss or trauma, mood or emotional instability, divorce, family conflict, school troubles or relationship difficulties.

By collaborating and understanding the girls “whole” experience, we are better informed and able to provide consistency and continuity throughout treatment.

With our strengths-based approach, we work with the students to identify troublesome behavior and discover the roots from which it grew. We also seek to build on each girl’s individual interests, talents and capabilities. By cultivating these strengths and increasing awareness and accountability for behaviors, Lake House students develop more positive avenues for self-expression and self-esteem.

Our treatment teams meet regularly to discuss each individual girl and what she has accomplished, as well as areas that may need work. This cross-functional team combines thoughts and outcomes from therapeutic, academic, residential and experiential areas of the program. By collaborating and understanding the girls “whole” experience, we are better informed and able to provide consistency and continuity throughout treatment.

Theraplay — Healing Through Play

Theraplay is a highly relational and uniquely structured clinical approach specifically designed to support the needs of pre and early-adolescent children and their families. Having the highest evidence-based practice rating by SAMHSA, Theraplay has proven to build and enhance attachment, self-esteem, joyful engagement, and trust in others. This stems from natural patterns of playful, healthy interactions between parent and child. Theraplay is more than just play—it lets the body have experiences while re-training the brain in the process.

Theraplay is a treatment modality created specifically for children and teens. Unlike other “play therapy” modalities, Theraplay is therapist led—not client-driven. It requires no verbal processing from the child. Theraplay helps preteens and teens heal from their very core by targeting the limbic system of the brain. This part of the brain is what helps drive behavioral and emotional responses.

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Individual and Family Therapy

At Lake House Academy, each girl works with a licensed, master’s-level therapist who creates an individualized plan for growth. While each girl will participate in individual and family therapy weekly, group work remains the most powerful and developmentally appropriate approach for this age group.

Group Therapy

Our students participate in multiple groups daily, many of which are focused on activities that are not only fun and interesting, but also effective in addressing depression, anxiety, building healthy friendships and encouraging self-esteem. We also offer targeted process groups to help girls with issues such as bullying, divorce, adoption and other trauma that might bring them to Lake House Academy.

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