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Proof Of Success, Your daughter will get better at Lake House

In your search for treatment, one question weighs heavier than any other: Will my daughter get better?

All programs tell you that she will, but success means something different to everyone. At Lake House, we define success by mental health, academic achievement, and family health.

When your daughter completes our program, she will no longer struggle with the problem that prompted treatment. She will be on track to graduate high school. And your family will be close, connected, and healthy.

Perhaps most importantly, success does not end when your daughter goes home. Most of our program graduates go home healthy, stay healthy, and never need treatment again. That is success.

Will your daughter get better? At Lake House we can assure you not only with confidence, but also with evidence, that the answer is yes.

Our Jan 2018 - June 2020 Outcomes

Primary Presenting Problem

Successfully Treated


* Assessed using the Family Interaction and Communication Scale (FICS-P/S), a proprietary instrument.

Outcome People_LH - Primary Presenting Problem

with the primary issue that prompted residential care.

* Based on all students who were enrolled at Lake House between Jan 2018 - June 2020.

Depression Recovery
Self Harm Recovery
Social and Emotional Health
Family Health

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