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Healthy Residential Living

Safe and Nurturing

The middle school and early high school years are typically filled with fun, friends and activities. The residential life department at Lake House Academy believes these are integral to the healthy growth and development of our students.

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each girl is treated with care, respect and the loving attention they need and deserve, while also fostering and helping to implement each girl’s unique therapeutic growth plan.

Our residential staff encourages self-esteem and self-efficacy by nurturing strong relationships with each and every student. At Lake House, we believe that communication and relationships are the keys to success and genuine growth of both the girls and our staff.

Discovering New Things

We take every opportunity to get our girls participating in outdoor activities, often helping them identify new activities they love and enjoy. You may also see our team and the girls at the local Y climbing the rock wall, playing basketball or taking a yoga class. Arts and crafts, music, dancing, gardening and many other daily activities are incorporated into our days here at Lake House.

Community Involvement

Lake House also takes great pride in having our girls engage in the local community. We believe in the power of community service and what a girl can discover about herself as she works to help others.

The Lily Pad Program

The Lily Pad Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of our younger students, ages 9 to 11. Developmentally, these students’ needs vary from those of their older peers. Lake House Academy uses interventions based on the Theraplay principles and other evidenced-based techniques to help these girls deal with the problems experienced in their young lives.

We provide an extra layer of structure and staffing for the Lily Pad girls. This allows them to participate in many of the activities children love, while working to develop the language and skills to talk about the issues that have brought them to us.

Our youngest students watch age-appropriate movies and have bedtime stories. The older Lake House girls act as “big sisters,” taking special interest and creating activities they can enjoy together.

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