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Healthy Residential Living

Nurturing and Safe

The middle school and early high school years are typically filled with activities, friends and fun. At Lake House Academy, we recognize that while connection and safe relationships can be difficult for some students, these elements are integral to the healthy development and growth of our students. Therefore, we must model and support a Lake House student’s path toward this.

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each student is treated with care, respect and the loving attention they need and deserve, as part of our intentional clinical framework.

Our residential staff, known as caregivers, encourage self-efficacy and self-esteem through implementing relational based interventions. Our caregivers create and live out our CASA Model.

While at Lake House Academy, each student is part of their own residential cohort which acts as a family unit. This group of students is overseen by a Residential Manager. Cohorts intermix throughout the day in classes, periodic recreational activities, and for dining.


Lake House Academy takes every opportunity to have our students participating in off campus experiential activities, often helping them identify new enterprises they enjoy and love. From going to the local roller rink, exploring nearby waterfalls, and participating in service projects in the community, our students are often busy most evenings and weekends expanding their skills.

Lake House Academy’s experiential programming engages students in activities that allow them to step outside of their comfort zone where they can build new mastery and a love for the outdoors. These may include activities year round activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing. In the summer students participate in kayaking, canoeing, and camping to take advantage of the warm weather.

Our students also get the opportunity to work on identity development, self-esteem, and self-worth by exploring activities they are passionate about individually with one of our caregivers. We have had students participate in karate, cooking classes, and guitar lessons and much more in our local community.

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