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Getting in the Holiday Spirit

The holidays are a special time of the year at Lake House Academy where we get to enjoy special meals with one another, decorate our campus, spread holiday cheer, and keep our fingers crossed for enough snow to make a few snowmen and snow angels. It’s important for us to make sure our students experience many of the traditions and comforts of home because we know how difficult it can be to be away from home during the holidays. This time of the year is also a great time for personal reflections, even for our staff, and one thing that is important to everyone at Lake House is giving back – and what better time is there to practice this belief than the holidays?

A few weekends ago, several of our girls and therapists had an opportunity to volunteer at our local Manna Food Bank which distributes food throughout Western North Carolina, working with 229 agencies across 16 counties. As our students arrived, their faces seemed to show a new sense of appreciation for what they have in their lives. After helping to sort and stock food items, our girls were able to learn more about the families and communities that will be receiving the food. It’s always heartwarming and uplifting to see, first hand, the compassion within our own community. Meanwhile, back at Lake House, we are hosting our own food drive in an effort to continue helping those in need this holiday season. Visitors and guests are encouraged to bring canned good items to donate along with the staff and students.

It’s our hope that when each girl leaves Lake House Academy, they will have a strong sense of community and why it’s important to give back and support the communities we live in. Lake House girls spend a lot of time in the community and have a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year to better support a successful transition when they return home.

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