Depression in Teen Girls

Now, more than ever, teenagers are struggling. With rising rates of depression, our teens need help. They need compassionate experts who genuinely care about their mental health. Lake House Academy is a therapeutic boarding school offering holistic treatment (emotional, physical and relational) for teen girls in a home-like setting. Our students leave Lake House Academy with improved emotional and physical health and prepared for academic and social success.

Learn more about depression in teen girls, signs of depression in teens, and how Lake House Academy can help get your daughter the treatment she needs.

What Is Depression? 

Depression is a medical illness that interferes with daily activities, including eating, sleeping, socializing and time management. Depression is common and a serious condition that requires treatment. Treatment for depression is centered around psychotherapy and may also include antidepressants. 

Depression does not discriminate between genders and can appear at any age. However, by the teenage years, girls are at a much higher risk than boys. In fact, by mid-adolescence, girls are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with a mood disorder as boys. Abused and neglected teens are also at a higher risk of depression, as are young people who have experienced trauma or disruptions at home. 

What Are the Symptoms of Depression in Teenage Girls? 

Different than sadness, depression in teens does not relieve itself with the passage of time. These questions can help you determine if your daughter has depression:

  • Has she withdrawn from her social groups? 
  • Is she spending more time alone? 
  • Has she lost interest in activities she used to enjoy? 
  • Does she feel sad, anxious, or ‘empty’? 
  • Does she feel hopeless? 
  • Would she say everything is ‘going wrong’? 
  • Does she feel helpless or worthless? 
  • Is she irritable most of the time? 
  • Does she feel restless or have trouble being still? 
  • Does she always feel tired, like she can not get enough sleep? 
  • Has she ever considered harming herself? 

It is important to note that not everyone with depression has every symptom. Some may have only a few while others have nearly all. 

How Can Lake House Academy Treat Depression in Teen Girls? 

Lake House Academy is an outcomes-focused therapeutic boarding school for teen girls. Our clinical model includes Theraplay and attachment-focused therapy which allows us to offer unique support to girls struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, attachment struggles and ADHD. 

While receiving the therapeutic healing she needs, our team also prioritizes academics and strives to bring a love of learning to all of our students. We specialize in emotional development, cultivating healthy relationships and making connections through play while preparing your daughter to succeed academically. Additionally, our team works with each student to develop essential life skills such as regulating emotions, balancing relationships, and social skills.

Contact us today to learn more about our research-backed approach to mental health and healing. Your daughter can get better. We can help. Call us at today at:  855-713-1163