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Depression in Teen Girls

Now, more than ever, teenagers are struggling. With rising rates of depression, our teens need help. They need compassionate experts who genuinely care about their mental health. Lake House Academy is a therapeutic boarding school offering holistic treatment (emotional, physical and relational) for teen girls in a home-like setting. Our students leave Lake House Academyread more

Lake House Academy Leadership Team Grows

Lake House Academy is excited to welcome Catherine Tucker, PhD, as Clinical Director. Catherine holds a PhD in Counselor Education from the University of Florida. Her career path is highlighted by her work in academia having earned her tenure at Indiana State University and as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor maintaining a private practice. Mostread more

Anxiety in Teen Girls

anxiety in teen girls

Anxiety is a common but serious mental health condition affecting millions of Americans. At Lake House Academy, we help teens and pre-teen girls learn to cope with anxiety. Our therapeutic boarding school for teen girls prioritizes both academic success and emotional healing through immersion into experiences of a healthy lifestyle and safe relationships. Learn moreread more

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