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I think my teen is depressed…

Perhaps you’ve noticed a shift in your child lately. Some days they seem completely fine, while others it’s hard to pinpoint what led to the breakdown unfolding before you. Maybe you’ve noticed that they haven’t been their smiling, carefree self for quite some time. Depression can show up in many ways in our students andread more

Reparative Conversations with Children

Intention vs. Impact During my time working at Lake House, or just living on planet Earth, I have made a few mistakes. I have misread another person’s needs, missed a cue altogether, or simply been too caught up in something else to see a need. Life happens! These things happen in our relationships all theread more

Developing the “Self”

In current trends society has been emphasizing the development of sense of self: self-care, self-worth, and self-esteem. I have worked with clients with low “self-worth” and symptoms of depression over the past 6 years. We often discuss personal strengths, limitations, values, and inherent worth. We are able to talk through these concepts and come toread more

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