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Lake House Academy is a therapeutic boarding school designed to meet the needs of young girls ages 9 to 14. It is our belief that each student has gifts and talents waiting to be discovered and developed. With a healthy and home-like environment that balances clinical, academic and residential life, we carefully guide students to uncover their interests, goals and passions that will carry them through their teenage years. Our goal for the future is like that of all parents: to see their daughter develop the skills and abilities that allow her to realize her dreams for the future.

December 20, 2016

Lake House Celebrates first Boston Alumni Event

In December, Lake House Academy hosted our first Boston alumni event to celebrate and reconnect with LHA alumni. The room was filled with laughter, hugs and stories from the past as 9 former LHA students, parents and representatives met in the Boston area for the first ever LHA reunion! Graduates from as far back to 2012 and as recent as this past August attended the event. Boston was selected due to the number of former students in the area and two families even made the trip from New York. The overwhelming theme that came out of the reunion was the fun had at Lake House while making lasting friendships. Alumni events are now in the works for other metro areas with New York, Atlanta and Washington D.C. as possible locations. Please reach out for more information.

December 10, 2016

How Color Explains what Motivates you at your Core

On December 8th, Lake House Academy hosted a “Therapy in Color” event for local referral partners and mental health professionals. This was a fun, hands-on way for us to share how we incorporate Dr. Taylor Hartman’s Color Code into our therapeutic approach.

After having each of our guests take the Color Code test, our Clinical Director, Katie Ford, spent some time reviewing the strengths and limitations of each color and how we can use that information to gain a better understanding of what motivates each of us at our core. Next, our artist for the evening not only guided us as we began our paintings, but encouraged us to incorporate our primary and secondary colors into our masterpieces. As you can see, there were a lot of “Blues” and “Whites” in the group – but I guess that’s to be somewhat expected in a room full of clinicians and mental health professionals!

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